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3rd Annual Book Swap
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Monday, February 13, 2017
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As part of Read Across America Day, I.E.S. students will participate in a Book Swap.  Students are encouraged to bring in their “gently used” books and they will receive a “new to you” book to enjoy.  Please follow the steps below to participate in the Third Annual I.E.S. Book Swap. The Book Swap will take place on Monday, March 5th. 

 Here’s how the IES Book Swap will work:

1.    At home, decide which of your gently used books would be good to pass on to another student. (If a book does not meet the donation guidelines, it will not be accepted.)

Donation Guidelines:

a. Hardcover or softcover (paperback) books

b. Chapter books, picture books, nonfiction books, joke books, etc.

c. Books must be appropriate reading for K-5th grade students.

d. No adult books, magazines, or coloring books.
e. Books must be in good condition: no smelly books, books with stains, rips,
   missing pages, or writing in them

2.   Bring donated books to the I.E.S. Library February 2 - March2.  Parents must sign a permission slip before books can be donated.  Please send books in a plastic bag with the permission slip included.  No child may swap books without a signed permission slip.

3.   We will keep track of the number of items donated by each student.  There is no limit to the number of books that can be donated. However, students will only be allowed to take home a maximum of 10 books. Please remember they must be in good condition and meet the donation guidelines above.

4.   Students will attend the Book Swap on Wednesday, March 1. Students will browse the book selection and find “new to you” books to take home and read. All trades are final. No money will be exchanged for the Book Swap. Any books leftover from the swap will be distributed within our school.

Please email Mrs. Garner, Library Media Specialist, at with any questions.

Thanks for supporting our school and promoting reading, too!

Irvington Elementary -- Book Swap Permission Slip

(To be turned in with book donations – books can be brought in February 2- March 2.

I, _____________________________________________________, the parent/guardian of

_______________________________________ give my permission for (quantity) ___________

books to be donated to the I.E.S. Book Swap.

Parent Signature:_________________________________________ Date:_____________________

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