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Amelia Morris Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
5th grade


 I began my education part time in 1989 taking classes at night at
Elizabethtown Community College. After completing my Associate degree I transferred
to Western Kentucky University enrolling in the teacher education program. I
completed my bachelors, masters and my Rank 1 in Elementary Education.



I began my teaching career at Rineyville Elementary in 1998. I was hired as the art teacher and I knew very little about art. However, It was then that I learned to appreciate thesimple act of being able to look at a work of art and then be able to form an opinion of the definition of art. I knew I had found my niche. It was then that I learned to understand the universal and timeless qualities that comprise all works of art. I taught there for one year and then had the opportunity to come home to Breckinridge County where I began teaching 5th grade. I taught 5th grade for 16 years and enjoyed the curriculum immensely. Last year I was fortunate to be able to move from the classroom to the Title 1 position in which my school utilizes as an Art position. I am thoroughly enjoying being home and teaching what I I have a passion for.