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Dee Smith Staff Photo
Subjects Taught



Ade Kay Escridge's private Kindergarten 2 years

Hardinsburg Elementary School grades 1-7

McQuady Elementary School grade 8

Breckinridge County High School 4 years

Elizabethtown Community College (U of K) 2 years

Western Kentucky University  Bachelor of Science Degree 2 years

Western Kentucky University Master of Science Degree 1 1/2 years

Earned my CCC's (Certified in Clinical Competence) 2001-state of KY says this is commensurate to a national teacher's degree and allows me to bill Medicaid and supervise CFY-SLP's.




Education experience: 

Worked as a district disability aid from 1988-1999

SLP-A 1999-2000

CFY-SLP 2000-2001

CCC-SLP 2001-present


     I grew up on a dairy farm in Breckinridge County oldest of 7 children of Jeff and Eler Roberts Dowell.  Yes, I can milk cows by hand and with the milking machines.    One of my fondest memories is being allowed to ride the mules to Union Star with my uncle to get groceries and driving the road wagon with my grandfather.

      I am currently the Speech Language Pathologist at IES, however, I have worked at most of the schools here at some point in various capacities, even the ones that have since been closed down.  I am a blessed person in that I have a job I am good at and love to do.  I wake up every morning wanting to see what the day holds for both my students and myself!  I subscribe to three professional organizations:  The Western Kentucky Speech/Language Hearing Association (WKSLH), The Kentucky Speech/Language Hearing Association(KSHA), and The American Speech/Language Hearing Association (ASHA). 

     I have 3 children and 7 grandchildren.  My daughter Sheila and her family live in Ocala Florida.  My oldest son Jamie and his family live in Brandonburg, Kentucky.   Jacob, my youngest is now married and they  have a brand new baby girl.  I am terriably family oriented.

     Outside interests and hobbies include Bluegrass music (I am the public relations director for the Breckinridge Bluegrass Music Association); Story-telling (I am a member of the Kentucky Storytellers Association); line and square dancing; horseback riding, fishing, hunting, primitive camping with my grandchildren, throwing pots (with an electric wheel); reading, and learning to play my fiddle and my guitar.   I should also say I like to travel whenever I can.  I spent 10 wonderful days  in Ireland with my sister Maxine, her daughter Evonne, and Evonne's friend Jennifer.   A year ago, I spent a beautiful week in Italy for Jacob's wedding.  Again my sister Midge was with me as well as my daughter Sheila and her youngest daughter Taci.  I would go back to either place if given an opportunity!