Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 4:30 P.M. in the Conference Room



I.  Call to order

A. Mission Statement

B. Recognition of Guests

C. Roll Call

D. Agenda revisions/Additions


II.  Routine Consent Actions

A.  Approve minutes - July SBDM Meeting

B.  Budget Report

1. Internal Accounts

2. SBDM Accounts


III.  Recognition

A.  Welcome new staff members

1.  Matt Dickson - Custodian

2.  ArSenio Cash - PE

3.  Paul Rotramel - Music


IV.  Discussion and Action Items

              A.  Instruction and Curriculum

1. Report additions or amendments to student assignment plan.

2. Present/Review The Kentucky Open Records and Open Meeting Acts

3. Present/Review Managing Government Records

4. Present tentative budget to staff

5. Present calendar of dates of Interim Progress Reports, Parent/Teacher Conferences and Report Cards

6. Review of School Improvement Plan

     B.  Operations

         1.    Presentation and review of School Wide Title I Plan - Central Office Staff


V.  Principal's Report


VI.   Adjourn