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September 2017 Minutes

Irvington Elementary School
Special Called Meeting
September 19, 2017

#019 Call to order
A. Mission Statement
a. Cooperation + Active Learning + Teamwork = Success.
B. Recognition of Guests
a. There were several guests at our meeting. Mr. Richard Butler,
(Central Office), Mrs. Tina Basham, (Parent), Ms. Tara Ditto,
(Parent), and Mrs. Laura Rhodes (Teacher).
C. Roll Call
a. Members present were Mr. Jon Miller, Mrs. Kim Roach, Mrs.
Stella Mitcham, Mrs. Katie Staples, Mr. Richard Powell, and
Mr. Joey Crist.

#020 Routine Consent Actions
A. Approve minutes - August Meeting
a. Mrs. Stella Mitcham made a motion to approve the August Meeting.
Mrs. Kim Roach seconded this motion.

All voted aye.

B. Budget Report
1. SBDM Accounts
a. Mr. Richard Powell made a motion to approve the SBDM
Accounts. Mrs. Kim Roach seconded this motion.

All voted aye.

#021 Discussion and Action Items
A. Instructional and Curriculum
1. Review Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.
a. Mr. Miller stated this is a working document. After our scores
come out teachers will see what changes need to be made.
2. Review Policies
a. Mr. Miller asked the council to review the polices and as always
his door is always open to discuss any changes.

3. Present list of committees, members, chairpersons, and committee
a. Mr. Miller presented the council with the list.

#022 Principal's Report
A. Mr. Miller stated that our annual Fall Festival will be held on October
21, 2017 at our new school.
B. Construction/Move Update
a. Mr. Miller stated that we will be moving into our new school over
Fall Break. First day in new school will be October 9, 2017.

#023 Adjourn
a. Mrs. Kim Roach made a motion to adjourn this meeting. Mr. Richard
Powell seconded this motion.

All vote aye.