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Students attending Irvington Elementary shall adhere to the following guidelines regarding appearance:

PANTS: Pants will be uniform style, including cargo pants, solid navy blue, black, or khaki in color with elastic or button waist. Girls may wear capri pants.

Restrictions: No spandex or knit style pants.

No jeans or denim material.

Tags may not show on the outside.

No sweatpants.

SKIRTS, JUMPERS, SHORTS: Skirts, jumpers, and shorts will be uniform style, solid


navy blue, black or khaki in color and must exceed fingertip length.

Restrictions: Tags may not show on the outside.

SHIRTS: Polo shirts, Peter Pan blouses (button-up with rounded collar), sweatshirts, and

turtlenecks are acceptable. Cardigan sweaters (button-up style only) of acceptable uniform colors and vests (pullover or button-up) may be worn with an appropriate uniform style shirt underneath. All solid colored polo shirts will be acceptable. T-Shirts displaying school logos only, may be worn.

Restrictions: All shirts/sweatshirts must be solid with no outside tags.

No Sleeveless which includes tank tops and strapless shirts

No heelies

No Hats or Head dressing

The following items apply to free dress days as well.

Students are to wear clothes that fit.

Hair is to be natural color and style (No Mohawks).

Coats/jackets will be placed in lockers upon entering the building.

All shoes must be closed toe. No open back shoes.

Ear piercing is acceptable. No other visible forms of body piercing are permitted.

Club uniforms (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.) may be worn on meeting dates.

Students representing the school on field trips, competitions, etc. will follow the uniformity policy.

Any article of clothing, accessories, tattoos, symbols, and/or make up that are affiliated with an organized gang are prohibited.

A list of prohibited clothing and accessories is on file in the Principal's office and may be obtained at any time. Principal shall have final say on appropriateness.

Consequences for failure to adhere to the uniformity policy:

1st offense Warning sent home

2nd offense Parent called to bring appropriate clothes

3rd offense Detention time may be assigned

4th offense Student may be suspended from school Revised 5-14-12