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IES Newsletter, January 2018

Principal's Message
IES Family and Friends:

Happy New Year! I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday and spent quality time with family and friends. I certainly enjoyed my time off but am excited about getting back into the swing of things. January is always a time for us to look back upon the previous year and see the many things we have to be thankful for, and I hope you have taken time to do just that! It's also a time when we look forward to the coming New Year and all the challenges and opportunities that will come our way. I believe this will be a great year in the life of our school. With the excitement starting off a new year in our new building, this looks to be a year we won't soon forget! We have many great things going on here and I look forward to continue our path toward success for all. As always, we are here to assist you in any way we can. Feel free to contact us any time! Also, don't hesitate to stop by and see the great things happening at our school. I'm always happy to show people around our new building and a little bit of the excitement that is IES!
***School Uniform Input Request***
As we begin this new year and reflect back on years past, the Site-Based Decision Making Council (SBDM) is looking for your input. Over 10 years ago, the Irvington Elementary SBDM Council adopted and implemented a school uniform policy. Our Council has discussed in recent years the possibility of reviewing the policy and asking for input from all stakeholders to determine how to proceed at IES. Our current Council values your opinions and wishes to make an informed decision that will serve our students well. Please take a few minutes to visit our website at and click on the "Take the IES Uniform Survey" link in the middle section. You will then be taken to another page where we ask that you answer a few short questions. If you do not have internet access, you can stop by the school and we will provide you access to the online survey. Thank you for your assistance.
I wish each of you a very Happy New Year! Cooperation + Active learning + Teamwork = Success! Go Cats!
Working together toward success for all,

Jon Miller, Principal


2nd Nine weeks
Honor Roll Breakfast
Friday, January 19th
8:30 a.m.
If your child is on the Honor Roll this semester, you are invited to attend Honor Roll Breakfast. You will get a letter with all the details. All the students that made the Honor Roll this nine weeks will be listed in the February newsletter.

School Closing/Delay Information Line
If we get bad weather and you are not sure if school will be held, please do not call the school. There is an automated system designed to let you know about school alerts that include closures, delays, etc... This number is 756-3125. You can also sign up for text message alerts and e-mails through the website. It will also be announced on 104.3 WXBC.


Stay Healthy
Tips to prevent the spread of the flu/cold:
*Wash hands thoroughly several times a day.
*Don't share personal items such as lip gloss etc... *Cover your mouth when you cough.
If your child has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, please don't send him/her to school.
Even though medication may reduce the fever temporarily, they are still contagious and may infect others.

IES is a bully-free zone!!

Bullying Hurts
Bullying is an important topic to discuss with your children at home. For information about bullying you can go to This site has some great information to help parents gain a better understanding about it. Bullying is not tolerated at IES.
Never do a wrong thing to make a friend-or to keep one. Robert E. Lee

Lost & Found
The FRC has many lost and found jackets. Please call
756-3052 if your child has lost one. It is the FRC's policy to donate any item turned into the office after 30 days.

We can easily return a jacket to its owner if the child's name is written on the tag. PLEASE write your child's name inside of his/her jacket so that we can do this.

If your child doesn't already have and needs a coat, gloves and/or toboggan please call the FRC at (270) 756-3052. Also, we gave a lot out at school this week, so you might ask your child if/she got one already.

Box Top Labels
Please continue to send Box Top labels in. Your child's class earns money for items to be used in the classroom. When sending the labels in, please make sure the bar code is intact. We cannot get credit for the label without the barcode. If you only have a few, then please send them in as is, however students are encouraged to bring the labels already glued onto a sheet that fits 25 or 50 labels. Ask your child's teacher for one of these sheets if you need one.

15th No School, MLK Holiday
16th SBDM meeting in school conference room, 5:00 p.m.
19th Honor Roll Breakfast, 8:30 a.m.
26th Free Dress Day

All times central

The school-wide newsletter is provided by the FRC. If you have any questions about its contents, please call