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Student Handbook 2018-2019


Dear Students, Parents, and Community members of IES,

It is my privilege to welcome you to another exciting year at IES. I really enjoyed my first nine years here, and look forward to spending another school year with each of you. In this handbook, you will find lots of important things regarding our school. Please take time to look over it and feel free to contact the school if you have any questions. Thanks again for your support of our school. As always, my door is open to speak with you about anything. Our school's mission statement is something we as a school family say together every Friday at our assembly: Cooperation + Active Learning + Teamwork = Success! I look forward to having another great year as your principal, and as our school's vision says, we will continue to work together toward success for all.

Your principal,

Jon Miller

Please review this handbook with your child. Please fill out the back page and detach/return it to your child's teacher. Thank you!

Irvington Elementary
Site Based Decision Making Council Members

Jon Miller

Teacher Members:

Katie Staples Jasmyn Reynolds Sarah Rotramel
(270)-756-3050 (270)-756-3050 (270)-756-3050

Parent Members:

Kathina Bell Heather Cundiff

Irvington Elementary

PTO Officers

President: Laura Rhodes Vice President: Kirk Staples

Treasurer: Courtney Ammons Secretary: Elizabeth Cain





Students attending Irvington Elementary School are expected to display a level of behavior which is acceptable to school personnel and the community. No student has the right to interfere with the educational process by his/her actions, poor manners, or lack of consideration. The Breckinridge County Board of Education has published a county-wide discipline policy. Our school also has a rewards/discipline procedure that is explained later in this handbook. The following reminders are for the students and parents/guardians of IES. These rules apply on school grounds or at any event or location where IES is being represented.

Be in school and have a good attendance record.
Follow all school rules.
Listen and follow all directions.
Ask questions if you don't understand something.
Be courteous to everyone around you. (Raise hand; wait to be called upon, no joking or horseplay, etc.)
Be prepared and on time for class. (Tardiness counts against attendance)
Keep up with your assignments and other important notes.
Turn in all assignments on time.
Accept criticism and discipline from school personnel in a positive and responsible manner.
Exhibit any behavior that interferes with the instructional process.
Fight or provoke a fight.
Use inappropriate language/profanity.
Possess or use tobacco products or paraphernalia on school grounds.
Possess or use drugs, alcohol, fireworks, or water guns on school property.
Gamble; bring playing or trading cards, or any inappropriate/unauthorized items.
Possess any type of weapon.
Chew gum (except when special permission is given by the teacher).
Leave campus for any reason during the school day unless properly checked out through school office by parent/guardian.
Sell any items while on the bus or at school without prior permission of the Principal.


Keep hands and feet to yourself.
Respect others and their property.
Avoid talking, sound effects, and other behaviors that prevent others from learning.
Do not litter - BE PROUD of your school and help keep it clean.
Remove hats inside building. (Except when special permission is given by the teacher).
Students are not to chew gum, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, or anything which creates a choking hazard while at school. (Except when special permission is given by the teacher).
No loitering in the restrooms or hallways.
Students are to be in designated areas at all times.
Inappropriate displays of affection are not allowed.
Cafeteria and bus rules must be followed when applicable.
No communication devices are to be used during school unless special permission is given by the teacher.
No aerosol cans, nail polish, hand lotion. These items will be confiscated if deemed disruptive to the learning process.
No body decorations: ink, stickers, paint, washable tattoos, glitter, etc.
Coats will not be worn in the building (except under extreme weather conditions).

A list of prohibited clothing and accessories is on file in the Principal's office and may be obtained at any time. Principal shall have final say on appropriateness.



Irvington Elementary School is a Drug Free Zone. Students shall not possess or use tobacco (all nicotine products included), alcohol, drugs, (including look-alike, prescription, or over the counter drugs) or have drug paraphernalia on school property. Any student found to be in violation of these guidelines may face immediate suspension and when applicable, be remanded to the proper authorities.

NO student shall be on school premises with a firearm, explosive weapon device, knife, dangerous or illegal instrument, or any other object that could be considered a weapon. Any student violating this school board policy is subject to immediate suspension and possible expulsion, and the local authorities will be alerted.

A certified Elementary Guidance Counselor is available to assist students with skills, knowledge, and experiences that will help them cope with problems. Services are extended to parents/guardians in matters relating to the student.

Several supplementary programs are available which include the following: EVEN START, FAMILY RESOURCE CENTER (FRC), HOMEBOUND INSTRUCTION, MIGRANT PROGRAM, PRESCHOOL/HEADSTART, JUST for Kids (after school supervision services,) and ESS (after school tutoring). Call 756-3050 for information

There are written policies regarding the confidentiality of student educational and discipline records. These policies ensure the privacy of student information and are in compliance with state and federal guidelines. Records are not released to any entity without prior written consent of the parent/guardian.

All visitors to the school must report to the school office before going to any other part of the building. This includes parents/guardians who are dropping off students in the morning or picking them up in the afternoon. Parents/Guardians are welcome to visit the school. However, we ask that you call the office to make arrangements prior to the visit. Visitors are not permitted to visit the classrooms during instructional time unless arrangements have been made. If you need to talk to your student's teacher, please make an appointment during their planning time or after school. Students' guests are not permitted during the regular day. Parents/Guardians who escort their students into the school must park in the lot in front of the building. New this year, in an effort to minimize risk, adult guests entering Breckinridge County Elementary Schools for special events during the school day (Grandparents' Breakfast, Donuts for Dads, Muffins for Moms, Community Day Dinner, Honor Roll Breakfasts, and other programs) will pass through hand-held metal detectors operated by school administration or their designee to search for prohibited items. Prohibited items include: weapons, firearms, knives (including pocket knives), or dangerous instruments.

Teachers will not take calls during instructional time. Students are not to use classroom phones unless directed by office.

NO PARKING is allowed in the drop off lane or bus/fire lane at any time. Visitors should park in the front parking lot if they wish to enter the building.



Do NOT drop students off in the bus/fire lane (with the exception of headstart/preschool students. Use the designated drop off lane at the front of the building. Students arriving after 7:40, must be checked in by an adult at the front office. All doors will be locked at 7:40. No admittance after this time will be granted.

Students who ride the bus are provided one seat on one bus for the year. Students are not allowed to use two buses.

1. Students going home with other students: Notes are to be provided for all students involved by parents of each. If notes from both parents are not received by the school transportation changes cannot/will not be made. Bus drivers will only accept notes from the school.
2. Other changes in transportation must be received before 2:00. This includes: bus riders to car riders, car riders to bus riders, students being picked up, bus riders to relatives or other drop off (must be designated on student information sheet).
3. Transportation changes must be arranged with the receptionist before 2:00. (Unless it is an emergency situation)

Parents/Guardians picking up/dropping off students on a daily basis (car riders) should remain in their vehicle at the designated pick up/drop off point at the front of the building. Students arriving after 7:40 must be signed in at the front office by an adult. No admittance will be granted after 7:40 other than at the front office. Parking is available in the front parking lot. The PM car rider bell rings at 2:40. Students will not be released until that time. Please do not arrive before 2:30 for car riders. Transportation changes must be arranged with the receptionist before 2:00. Students will only be dismissed to parents in vehicles. No walkers are permitted in the car rider area.

All pedestrians should use the sidewalks and crosswalks provided. Make eye contact with the driver of any vehicle, especially school buses, to make sure they are aware and it is safe to cross. Walkers will be released at 2:45 from the front of the building only. Transportation changes must be arranged with the receptionist before 2:00.

When extreme weather conditions force the sudden cancellation of school, announcements will be made over WXBC radio (104.3) or you may call 756-3125. Please do not call the school for weather-related information.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to become active in the Irvington Elementary School PTO. Meeting times will be the third Tuesday of the month in August, November, March, and May at 5PM school time.

Lost and found items will be stored in the FRC. Students should see the school receptionist or FRC Coordinator to check for lost items. Lost items not claimed within thirty (30) days will be donated to charity.

Students are expected to be responsible for any books they may check out from the library. If a book is lost, please report the loss immediately to our librarian and appropriate steps will be taken. Report cards will be held for library fees. For more details, please stop by the library.




Students utilize computer technology daily and appropriate care and proper use of equipment is expected of all students. There is to be no food or drink in the computer labs or around computer equipment in the classrooms. Students are expected to use proper procedures when accessing the computer network and appropriate use of the Internet. All computer programs are required of all students. Teachers will assign computer workstations to students. Students/parents are responsible for documented damages.

Establishes or improves educational programs for children of qualifying workers. Improves educational opportunities for migrant children to help them succeed in the regular school program, attain grade-level proficiency, and meet the challenging content and student performance standards that all children are expected to master.

The education process requires the continuous participation of each student to be effective. It is the responsibility of all students and parents to ensure good school attendance. There is a high correlation between successful academic performance and good daily attendance. The administration and faculty believe that students and parents should strive for perfect attendance and daily punctuality. Each student shall have a written excuse for every day or portion of the day absent signed by either a physician or parent. The parent signed notes will be limited to six (6) per school year. Excuses should be presented to the front office on the day that the student returns to school. For any day that a student is absent and does not present a written excuse, this day shall be recorded as unexcused. The Principal shall follow BOARD POLICY to determine whether the absences are excused or unexcused. Six or more unexcused absences constitute truancy and charges may be filed by the Board of Education. ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES APPROVED BY THE IES SBDM COUNCIL
Irvington Elementary School will implement the Breckinridge County Board of Education policies and strive to create an environment that promotes student success that prepares them for the future. Responsible and punctual attendance is certainly one of these characteristics. Moreover, we shall stress quality attendance and productivity in conjunction with this procedure. Any student having a perfect attendance record for the entire year will receive an Attendance Certificate and a trophy. Students having three (3) unexcused tardies will not be eligible for yearly perfect attendance awards.

The doors to Irvington Elementary School will be opened for the students to enter at 7:15 a.m. each morning. No one is to be on the front porch or side bus loading area before 7:00. The school day will begin promptly at 7:40. Any student arriving after 7:40 a.m. must report to the Office before reporting to class. During school hours, you may ring doorbell at front to gain admittance. All doors will remain locked throughout the day. In order to continue to promote a safe school environment no visitors will be allowed past the office area without signing in and obtaining a visitor's pass from the office.

No single factor contributes as much, to academic failure, as does absenteeism. School attendance is essential to school success. Students must make a total commitment to daily and punctual attendance, thereby establishing a pattern of responsible behavior that will make them successful in the future. Parents are charged with the responsibility to recognize their legal and moral liability to cause daily and punctual attendance of their children as required by the Kentucky Compulsory Attendance Law, KRS 159.150.

A student may have only 6 unexcused absences/tardies during the school year that must be used with discretion. Truancy may be filed by the Board of Education upon the 6th unexcused absence/tardy. Personal illness is the primary valid reason for excused absence/tardy. Other excusable absences/tardies include but are not limited to: doctor or dentist appointments, orders of civil court, family emergencies and work emergencies. Absences of this nature will be considered relative to appointment time and travel. Funeral attendance is excused for 1 day only.
Students who have lice, pink eye, temperature of 100 or higher, or are vomiting will be sent home. This is not optional in consideration for the health of others. Unfortunately this will count against perfect attendance.
Each student shall have a written excuse for every day that he/she is absent from school and either checked in or checked out. Appointment times are to be included.
The parent/guardian will be notified after their child has accrued three (3) unexcused absences. Parents of students who accrue 6 unexcused absences will have their names filed with the Director of Pupil Personnel.
Any student who exceeds the limit of 6 unexcused absences is immediately liable for any or all of the following considerations:
The student may be referred to court as a truant juvenile;
The student may be required to document any additional absences with a doctor's statement;
The student may lose the privilege of co-curricular or other school participation.



A full day of attendance shall be recorded for a pupil who is in attendance 100% of the regularly-scheduled school day.
A tardy shall be recorded for a student who is absent sixty (60) minutes or less of the regularly-scheduled school day.
The actual percentage of the school day shall be recorded for attendance of a student absent for more than sixty (60) minutes of the regularly-scheduled school day.
A full day absence shall be recorded for a student who is absent 100% of the regularly-scheduled school day.
Reports to parents will be generated on the third (3rd) unexcused absence by the attendance computer. Any discrepancies should be reported immediately.
Students will be released from school only after personal contact with student's parents, guardians, or persons listed as approved on the Student ID list. Students leaving early must be properly signed out at front desk.
Students with three (3) unexcused tardies will not be eligible for perfect attendance awards.
SUSPENSIONS FROM SCHOOL: Disregard for school rules and/or violation of the disciplinary code may result in the student being suspended from school. Make up work is at the discretion of the teacher.
HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS: For students anticipating being absent from school, arrangements may be made for dispatching assignments and materials to the home upon request to the front office. Parents should call the school (756-3050) by 10:00 a.m. in order to have the work available by 2:00 p.m.
HOMEBOUND SERVICE: This instruction is for students anticipating being absent from school for an extended number of days for medical reasons (at least SIX (6) consecutive days.) The services of a homebound instructor are available upon request to the school principal or his designee with a required properly documented statement by an attending physician.
PERFECT ATTENDANCE: A student in attendance all day, every day of the school year will receive a Perfect Attendance Award. Students with three (3) unexcused tardies (checked in/out early/late, under 60 minutes, without excusable note will not be eligible for perfect attendance awards.
TRUANCY: KRS 159.150 defines truancy as absent or tardy on three or more days without a valid excuse.
ARRIVAL AT SCHOOL: The front doors of IES will open at 7:15 a.m. Upon arrival, students will not be allowed to leave campus without permission from the Principal.

Students will be expected to complete their schoolwork in the time frames established by the teacher. The teachers are to follow the adopted assignment policy when assigning homework. Students have the responsibility of completing all work neatly and legibly, and to use class time appropriately. Parents can get more involved and help their children by setting a defined study/work time, making sure the work is done adequately, motivating and encouraging the students to do their best, and by just being supportive. To get homework for students who are absent from school, please call by 10:00 am to allow teachers and office staff appropriate time to gather books and assignments.

Student achievement increases when students actively participate in the completion of assignments and activities related to the curriculum. Any work not completed during class time will become homework, which should be completed during non-instructional time within the time frame provided by the teacher.



Report cards are issued to all students at the end of each nine (9) week grading period. All students will receive mid-term Progress Reports each grading period. Parent /Teacher Conferences will be held at the end of the first nine week grading period and the end of the third nine week grading period.

Students in Un-graded Primary do not receive letter grades. Retention will occur when the exit criteria has not been adequately met. The grading scale for 4th and 5th grades is as follows:
100-90 A
89-80 B
79-74 C
73-68 D
67-0 F

Placement requires teacher recommendation or parent/guardian request. Parental permission is required for participation. Both tutorial and enrichment activities will be offered.

There are opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities throughout the school year. In order to participate in these activities, the student must first be responsible for the regular curriculum and acceptable behavior in the classroom. Regular grade checks will be performed on students who are on various teams and involved in activities. Any student not putting forth an acceptable effort in the classroom on academics may be suspended or dismissed from extra-curricular activities. Likewise, any student receiving an office referral for behavior may be suspended from extra-curricular activities as deemed necessary by the coach/sponsor and the principal.


When a field trip is taken, the student must turn in a permission form with the parent/guardian's signature. The dress code policy is to be followed unless otherwise stated. Students' eligibility to attend field trips is at the discretion of teachers and administration.

We are excited to announce breakfast and lunch will once again be served free of charge to all elementary school students next year due to the district's participation in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). The district qualified for this provision based on its high percentage of free/reduced meals served. All students will have an opportunity to go through breakfast and lunch lines and enjoy two free meals each day while at school, so please encourage your child to participate in our free breakfast and lunch program.

Follow all school rules
Observe good dining room manners
Leave the table and surrounding area clean and orderly
Keep all food and drink in the cafeteria
Speak in a normal voice
Remain seated unless given permission otherwise
Remain quiet if placed at a "Quiet Table"
Respect the food and space of others
Students who bring their lunch will eat in the lunchroom
Drinks requiring bottles are not permitted

Follow all bus safety rules
Sit properly and stay in your seat
Keep hands and feet to yourself
Speak in a normal voice

School wide Awards / Discipline
Irvington Elementary: Striving to live up to our Wild "CATS" Pledge
At our weekly Friday Assembly we will recite our Wild "CATS" Pledge. ALL students will do his/her best to:
Be Cooperative
Be an Active learner
Be a Team player
Be Successful
Wild "CATS" do the right thing!
As a way to better communicate issues we are having at school or in the classroom when it comes to discipline, staff will be using a "Google Form." If your child is sent to the office for disciplinary action, staff will notify me of the action so that I can address it accordingly. In addition, you will receive either a phone call or letter in the student's backpack (sometimes both). This form will allow us to keep better records of students' office visits, and the letter/phone call home will keep you informed as to when your child visits the office. If we send a letter home, please sign this letter so that we are aware that you have discussed the issue with your child.
Usually, the first office visit will result in a meeting/discussion between me and the student and ways to make better decisions in the future. In addition, it may result in the student spending some time with me in the office for "time out."
The second office visit will result in a discussion as well as time out in the office.
On the third incident that results in a Disciplinary Report, the student may be assigned to after school detention. In this case, a "Detention Notice" will be sent home with the assigned date and time for students to stay after school. Detention runs from 3:15-4:00. The student will need to be picked up at the front door at 4PM school time on days they are assigned to detention.



Irvington Elementary School Student Dress Code Policy
(Beginning with the 2018-2019 School Year)

Students should dress appropriately for school. Please write your child's name in his/her coat and book bag.

The following clothing will not be allowed:


-shirts that expose the stomach or back
-clothing which contains vulgarity or advertises alcohol, drugs, or tobacco
-caps, hats, hoods, bandanas, or any head dressings (except on designated days)
-shorts or pants with logos or lettering on the seat/bottom
-toeless or backless shoes (rubber soled shoes are recommended for student safety)


In addition:

-All shorts and pants will be worn at the waist.
-Leggings are permitted but must be covered past the seat/bottom by a shirt, shorts, or
-Shorts and skirts will be a respectable length.
-Shirts will have sleeves, be non-revealing, and fit appropriately.
-Backpacks are to be of the type worn on the back (no rolling backpacks).

Discretion will be used in determining what is appropriate concerning student
appearance and questions will be referred to the office.


A list of prohibited clothing and accessories is on file in the Principal's Office and may be obtained at any time.


If a child is wearing inappropriate clothing, he/she will be provided with clothing from
the Family Resource clothes closet (if available) or parents may be notified.


Adopted April 17, 2018